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In order to accomplish my career goals, I have used each job opportunity to create content that I am passionate about. Please click on the photo or title to see each full project.

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I conducted market reasearch, created the SWOT analysis, and consumer profiles for Beautify, the Uber for hair and makeup in New Orleans. The company used this to kick off their social media and email presence.

Instagram: @beautifyapp_

I wrote articles about business and tech tips along with interviewing startup founders. I also attended conferences on behalf of the platform.

I wrote this press release on behalf of Fund 17 and NOEW for a New Orleans Entrepreneurship Week event supporting small businesses of color.

I represented Swanson Insurance Agency during a discussion about the current state of New Orleans and our generation's chance to affect change in the city. Click on the photo to check out the interview.

Since 2017, I've managed social media account for over 5 small businesses and 1 international brand. My responsibilities included content planning, creation, and scheduling. 

Check out the Swanson Insurance Agency instagram.

Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Canva, Adobe Creative Suite, Later

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